West Coast Excursion 7

West Coast Excursion 7


  1. 1Harly & Muscle - Light To A Flame (DJ MFR Remix)
  2. 2Julius Papp feat Mr V - Chicago Tribute (DJ MFR Deep Mix)
  3. 3DJ MFR - Eternal (Original Stripped Mix)
  4. 4New Mondo feat Yogi - Feels So New (HGM & Soul'n Vbes Remix)
  5. 5Asymmetric Soul feat Meital De Razon - If I Change (Mikita & Lonya Remix)
  6. 6Ciano & Stefano Fasciani - Taxi Driver (Yellow Cab Mix)
  7. 7Vincent Kwok - Afrique (Deep Trip Mix)
  8. 8Fabio Tosti & K-Max feat Francesca Maria - Like_Rain (Original Dub)
  9. 9Satin Souls - Aziza (DJ MFR Movido Edit)
  10. 10Vincent Kwok - Aura (It Goes Around Mix)
  11. 11DJ MFR & Fabio Tosti - Passion (DJ MFR Mix)
  12. 12Dr. Feelx Vs Devid Morrison - I'm a DJ (Classic Dub)

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Product Description

DJ MFR presents the seventh installment of the West Coast Excursion series. Sit back, relax, DJ MFR takes you on another West Coast Excursion, containing music from some of the most respected
West Coast Record labels and producers and singers such as Harley & Muscle, ,Julius Papp,Mr.V, Vincent Kwok, Dr. Feelx, Devid Morrison, Soul’n Vibes, Hard Groove Machine, Fabio Tosti, K-Max, DJ MFR himself and many more, all flawlessly blended together in DJ MFRs smooth mixing style.