West Coast Excursion 5

West Coast Excursion 5


  1. 1Vincent Kwok & DJN Project - Nowhere To Go
  2. 2Haldo & Morrisson - When We Get Up
  3. 3New Mondo - Take Me Away
  4. 4Head To The Sky - Head To The Sky (Vincent Kwok Remix)
  5. 5New Mondo - Bing It Back (DJ MFR Remix)
  6. 6New Mondo - 808 (Miguel Migs Remix)
  7. 7Fabio Tosti - Come On
  8. 8Fabio Tosti - Talamanca
  9. 9New Mondo - Total Control
  10. 10TnT - Get Up
  11. 11Dario Dattis - Monita Fea Club (Jask Seduction Mix)
  12. 12Dario Dattis & Morrisson - Rright Now
  13. 13DJ MFR - Latin Seduction (New Mondo Tech Mix)
  14. 14New Mondo Feat. Lisa Shaw - I Want Cha (Dario Dattis Afro Tech Mix)
  15. 15DJ MFR - Do You Remeber (Vincent Kwok Remix)
  16. 16New Mondo - Come To Me (Charles Webster Mix)

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Product Description

Including Miguel Migs, Lisa Shaw, New Mondo & JaskWest Coast Excursions series.
Sit back, relax, DJ MFR takes you on another West Coast Excursion, containing music from some of the most respected West Coast Record labels, producers and singers such as Miguel Migs, Jay-j, Jask, Vincent Kwok, New Mondo, Haldo, Dario D’Attiss, Fabio Tosti, Lisa Shaw, Morrisson and DJ MFR himself just to namea few, all flawlessly blended together in DJ MFR’s smooth mixing style.