West Coast Excursion 3

West Coast Excursion 3


  1. 1Toka Project - Reach For You
  2. 2Behind The Groove - What You Gonna Do About It
  3. 3DJ MFR & Haldo - Come On
  4. 4Tuff & Mello - Nathan G (Elektra Soul Mix)
  5. 5New Mondo - Feels So New (Vocal Mix)
  6. 6Miguel Migs - Life Muisc
  7. 7Leo Portela - Positive Vibration
  8. 8DJ MFR - Salsa
  9. 9Miguel Migs - Salted Bump (Tech Remix)
  10. 10DJ MFR - Do You Remember (Club Mix)
  11. 11Chuck Love - Soul Synphony
  12. 12New Mondo - Sexy (Deeper Mix)
  13. 13Compar Tiempo - Vincent Kwok Barrio Mix

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Product Description

West Coast Excursion vol 3 CD mixed and compiled our very own DJ MFR.DJ MFR has smartly chosen the tracks that most represent his style as both producer and dj. This package will meet the styles of a wide range of djs. Reach for you by the Toka Project. This track features deep chords a bouncy bassline, perfect for setting up the dance floor mood. The track is followed by Come on by the boys from Italy , DJ MFR & Haldo. Perfect for picking up the pace!

No need for any introductions nor descriptions. The Chuck Love Soul Symphony remix by the Groove Junkies follow up, delivering a dance floor classic!
And last but not least is the Bryan Jones mix of DJ MFR ?Salsa? which, with its bouncy bassline and chunky beats, guarantees packed dance floors everywhere!