Total Control Unreleased

Total Control Unreleased


  1. 101. Deep Mix
  2. 202. Deep Afro Mix
  3. 303. Haldo Funky Dub
  4. 404. DJ MFR Mix
  5. 505. Haldo Mix
  6. 606. Haldo Dub
  7. 707. Vincent Kwok Bonus

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Product Description

Including DJ MFR, Vincent Kwok and Haldo remixes.
Expanding upon the original version, New Mondo presents the unreleased mixes of Total Control courtesy of Transport very own DJ MFR, Vincent kwok and Italian talent Haldo.
Don’t miss this eclectic collection of fresh remixes that we just couldn’t hold back any longer!!!
This package has been getting heavy support from the scene’s key players for quite sometimes now and is now available to you.
Enjoy and be a creative individual with your own mind!