New Mondo feat. Lisa Shaw – I Want Cha

New Mondo feat. Lisa Shaw - I Want Cha


  1. 101. Dario D'Attis Afrotek Vocal
  2. 202. Dario D'Attis Afrotek Dub
  3. 303. Haldo Mix
  4. 404. The Bulletz Jazzafella Mix
  5. 505. The Bulletz Bump Dub
  6. 606. The Bulletz Hollow Mix
  7. 707. Ray Paxon Mix
  8. 808. New Mondo Original

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Product Description

Transport Recordings presents I Want Cha, the first single from the forthcoming New Mondo artist album, Total Control.
Featuring the voice of Lisa Shaw, the New Mondo original is a modern take on 80s style funk, giving the listener a tasty preview of the album. Showcasing the production duo’s versatility, this track highlights an undiscovered facet of Lisa’s vocal talents, with a sound that is a refreshing change of direction from her usual style.
Also included on this release are remixes from Dario D’Attis, with a dancefloor masterpiece which has already gained support from the likes of Miguel Migs’,Julius Papp, amongst others.
Ray Paxton provides a classic house mix with jazzy sax riffs accompanied by solid organ foundation.
Changing the vibes, Italian hall of famer, Haldo delivers his brand of deep soulful house.
Finally, but not least, The Bulletz delight us with three different mixes, each showcasing their versatility.
Stay tuned for the New Mondo album, to be released in June 2009.
*Enjoy and be a creative individual with your own mind!