Head To The Sky The Remixes

Head To The Sky The Remixes


  1. 101. Dario D'Attis Vocal
  2. 202. Dario Dub Mix
  3. 303. Dario DAttis Hypno Drum
  4. 404. New Mondo Late Nite Vocal
  5. 505. New Mondo Late Nite Dub
  6. 606. Alvaro Velilla Clift Vocal
  7. 707. Alvaro Velilla Vocal
  8. 808. Alvaro Vellilla Dub
  9. 909. Bullets Rework
  10. 1010. Haldo Club Mix
  11. 1111. Haldo Minimal Vocal
  12. 1212. Haldo Minimal Dub
  13. 1313. 5am Bonus Mix
  14. 1414. Dario DAttis Instrumental
  15. 1515. Haldo Minimal Instrumental

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Product Description

Marco Celone Aka DJ MFR presnts Head To The Sky Featuring Windstrong (Remixes by Dario D’Attis, Haldo, New Mondo)Transport Recordings is proud to present its brand new digital release, Head to the sky, courtesy of its very own Marco Celone aka DJ MFR.
great package to please all djs!!!*Enjoy and be a creative individual with your own mind!