AfterDark San Francisco

AfterDark San Francisco


  1. 101. Miguel Migs - City People [Dub][Migs Petalpusher Dub]
  2. 202. Mr. O - I've Been Thinking [Migs Dubpusher Remix]
  3. 303. Johan Yogi Willinberg You Got Me [Vincent Kwok Midnight Vibes Mix]
  4. 404. DJ MFR - All I Need [Vincent Kwok Mix]
  5. 505. Julius Papp - Drum de Voodoo
  6. 606. Jay-J & Chris Lum - Funky Stuff
  7. 707. Tuff & Mello - Stranger [Live Room Mix]
  8. 808. Arnold Jarvis - What Goes Around [Miguel Migs Transporters Dub]
  9. 909. Tuff & Mello - Teach You How to Fly [DJ MFR Late Nite Dub]
  10. 1010. DJ Rasoul - The Rising Sun
  11. 1111. Miguel Migs Sol Patrol [Migs Transporters Vibe]
  12. 1212. 2DB - Caustic

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Product Description

Spotlighting the vibrant dance music scenes around the world Exclusive only through our web site, including individual track and full length mix.
The first volume kicks off in Rome with “San francisco” mixed by Transport’s very own DJ MFR (Marco from Rome)! This first installment features music from the most respected producers in the world.
This cd will keep you grooving from start to finish. A superb blend of great house music that will transport you at sunsent in San Francisco with DJ MFR!