On Air with DJ MFR May Mix Show

Radio Stations

Music Choice – satellite TV radio – Sunday 3AM Tuesday 3PM ET
iHeartRadio – Weekly Rotation
DeepinRadio – 3rd Friday of each month – 22:00 CET
Deepgroove Radio – 2nd Saturday of the month at 4 PM CET
Enation.FM – Sundays at 7PM EST
Tunnel.FM – every 3rd Friday – 20:00 GMT www.tunnelfm.com
WestRadio.gr – every 3rd Monday – 16:00 GMT
Where’s The Culture FM – every last Monday – 23:00 GMT
Radio1 Rodos, Greece – airs every Monday (23:00 GMT) and every Friday (11:00 GMT)
Radio Deep Soulful Italy – Thursday 11 PM GMT
DE Radio Canada(deradio.ca/) – First Tuesday of the month 7PM GMT

Mozak “Up Beat” – DJ MFR Remixes

Transport Recordings presents its latest offering courtesy of Mozak with remixes by our very own DJ MFR.
Featuring an upfront punchy bassline, glowing synth pads, deep Rhodes cords and the catchy chopped up upbeat vocal.
All around a dance floor delicacy primed and ready for spins!

House Music – Mozak Remix

Transport Recordings is pleased to present the latest release from Rome-based DJ and producers Devid Morrison & Ciski.
This brand new release features 2 funky house tracks that aim straight for peak time and bigger rooms without losing the stylish and classy feel that Transport releases are known for.
New rising star Mozak delivers a remix packed with chunky beats, driving bass line, suitably rhythm line and some rousing breakdowns and build-ups to maximum effect.
It’s something a little different from Transport Recordings and, as always, something worth checking out. Primed and ready for spins.

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